I’m Chrissy and this is my blog.

I’m passionate about healthy living and through this blog I hope to inspire you with tips and tricks to lead a happy, healthy life.

Ditch the fads, ALL of them! This is not about the newest vegan trend or how to lose weight juicing, this is me, this is real life.  I work 9-5, I pay bills, I have vices and cravings, I like a drink, I am as Jo Bloggs as they come.

A few years ago you would have not seen me set foot in a gym, pound the pavement running, or even cook anything myself unless it had instructions involving a microwave. Sounds familiar?This lifestyle took a while to unravel and so it should, humans are creatures of habit and no 10 day clense will change you for good.

Fastforward to the present and I am loving the updated version of myself.  Exercise? It’s a hobby I really enjoy and manage to fit it in with my lifestyle. I can cook a healthy meal without having any recipe book infront of me and I’m used to the time constraints of modern living; a healthy, quick meal? easy! No cash? no problem!

Making small positive steps in the right direction is all you need to do. Get your mind over the hurdle of thinking you can’t acheive. Working little changes into your life will reap big results one day.

Sound a bit more realistic? I thought so!

If you think you could benefit with changing a few areas of yourself and your life, follow me. I can’t do the work for you but a little motivation and a few tips along the way never hurt anyone!

Hope to see you again soon,


Chrissy x


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