30 Day Running Challenge & What I Learnt

Once in a while I get a bit..well, lazy, to be quite honest! So in order to kick start myself back into healthy mode I set myself a challenge. My 30 day running challenge began on the 1st of July.

30 day running challenge

I’ve always loved going for a run. After work being my chosen time to go, as it really helps clear the ole’ noggin’ from a busy day and helps me relax for the evening ahead. I know that it’s not just me, for many people running is a theraputic hobby. It’s just an added bonus that it’s a great thing to do for your fitness levels too.

If you’re getting stuck into the same old boring fitness schedule, or falling of the wagon with one too many summer BBQ’s, I’d definitely recommend setting yourself a 30 day challenge. It’s a long enough time to allow you to see results, but short enough so that you can keep committed. For me, doing a 30 day running challenge made loads of sense, as I already enjoy it!

The 30 Day Running Challenge

It’s a pretty simple concept. Run every day, for 30 days.

When we’re talking 30 days, it is good to remember that each day doesn’t have to be a Mo-Farah style dash. Tune into your body so you know when you can push it and when to take it easy. If you’re weight training in between runs (like me) then some days you might be too achey to go far, so just take it easy with a light jog.

3 Things I Learnt From Running Every Day

1) Footwear is super important. When I first started doing races I suffered a lot with blisters. However, making a small investment in some oxide tape and second skin socks did the trick. As long as I remember to tape up and keep my feet well moisturized they are just fine! You wouldn’t want something as trivial as a blister hampering your efforts.

2) Routes can get boring. Make sure you keep things interesting, don’t do the same run day in and day out. I combined running on treadmills with running out in the open, going to Park run each weekend with friends, or simply just trying a new route. If you keep things fresh it’s much easier to motivate yourself.

3) You will surprise yourself. At the end of my challenge I thought I would be so pleased to hang up the trainers and take a day off, but that wasn’t the case. I embraced running every day and when I did finally have that rest day at the end I missed my daily run! Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to hit the gym and not feel obliged to spend half an hour on a treadmill, but running is definitely in my blood now. I am mega proud to have covered 100 miles in a month too.

Challenge Yourself!

Chrissy 30 Day Running Challenge
All in all, it was a great positive experience to set myself up with this 30 day challenge and I would recommend it to anybody. Whatever your fitness level is, you can tailor a challenge to suit.  I wasn’t 100% perfect and life did get in the way sometimes, but I just let it be and carried on as best as possible. It’s really improved my running and just proved to me that I can stick to a plan if I put my mind to it! Over the next few months I’ll be setting myself some more challenges like this one in an aim to improve my fitness levels and lifestyle. It’s worked well so far, so why not!

..Did I mention I ran over 100 miles in a month? (J.k, I know I did I just wanted to show off! That’s like..four marathons, almost!).



My Top 3 London Summer Events 2018

London Summer Events Top 3

I consider myself rather priviledged that I live just a 30 minute journey away from Central London. So here are my top 3 picks of London summer events. Tried & tested by yours truly. Plus one is budget friendly (I know, practically unheard of in London!). If you’re planning a trip to the capital and looking for some quality entertainment then this is the guide for you.

My Top 3 London Summer Events 2018

1. Wimbledon

Of course, the world famous Wimbledon has just got to be featured on my list. Whilst you hear stories of how tough it is to get a ticket there are a few hacks I have picked up. Pick one of the quieter days match-wise and you’ll be in within an hour or two. Provided you don’t mind an early morning and a good ole’ British queue. Once through, you are free to wander all the courts, or take a seat on Henman Hill to watch the big screen. Everyone looks great, the Pimm’s is flowing and you’ll be bound to see some great tennis action no matter which court you’re sat in. Quintessentially British. Even for those of you who don’t watch tennis, it’s just a great day out.

Wimbledon London Summer Events

Ground tickets start at £25.00

2. Regents Park Open Air Theatre

Now, it took some convincing to get me here as I’m not the biggest fan of musicals. How glad I am I that I said yes. I even went back the next year. Set inside London’s famous Regents Park, this theatre experience is like no other. Once through the gates you are free to wonder the lovely indoor-outdoor style grounds. With seasonal plants trailing along the structure and a very enticing looking bar, I’d encourage everyone to turn up with some time to spare just to soak it all in. Plus, you can have a bite to eat too.

When it comes to the performances, the shows and cast always bring a fresh and exciting take on whatever title you may be seeing. Great choreography and stage craft. You’re guaranteed a great view pretty much no matter where you are seated also.

Regents Park London Summer Events

Prices range from £23-£57 for an adult ticket.

3. Pop – Up Screens – Outdoor Cinema

Pop-Up Screens host outdoor screenings of all our favourite films in parks throughout London. I went along last year to their showing of the classic Dirty Dancing in Hammersmith’s Ravenscourt Park. It’s a simple, yet effective, idea with a great atmosphere. We parked ourselves in a nice spot in front of the screen. Then dived straight into our picnic, with a glass of bubbles. Very civilized. As the sun goes down and the final film-goers take seat the movie starts. It’s like a regular cinema, just more relaxed and outside!

The audience participation is what makes it. With any famous line coming out of handsome Mr Swayze’s mouth, literally the entire audience would swoon and egg him on!

Pop Up Cinema London Summer Events

Prices range from £12.50-£20.00
Bargain. (and you can keep it cheap by bringing your own picnic).

So, what are you waiting for? The city awaits and these London summer events will guarantee a good time.