About Chrissy Fortune

Healthy Living, Fitness & Lifestyle

Hi, I’m Chrissy. A slightly self depricating twenty-something muddling through life in the leafy suburbs outside London. Here to share with you my attempt at being a little bit more healthy, via being good to myself and the planet. Easily led astray, but ultimately trying to lead the good life!

My food, fitness & lifestyle blog will bring you the best and worst of my efforts. Big up creating a healthy, happy existence that doesn’t damage our delicate little planet (or us!).  Moving more, buying less, cooking more, eating better, it’s all good stuff we have no excuse not to do.

I’m a foodie

I love food and I love to cook. I have no training and have just learnt over the years from eating all sorts of cuisines and relying on pinterest for recipe ideas. You’ll find lot’s of recipes here, nothing too fancy though! I use my own produce where possible and try to keep it seasonal. The food we eat is easiest and most enjoyable way to keep our bodies happy and healthy. 100% taste, 100% goodness, that’s what counts!

I’m seriously into fitness

I never thought I’d be convinced exercise is enjoyable, but I am a total convert. Now going to the gym and getting to the park for a run is something I look forward to. I think it’s the best thing you can do your for mental health and also your body. I formed it into a habit and now I can’t be without it. I’ll be promoting my best tips for getting up and active, (no unrealistic insta body here though!)

I am thrifty

Let’s face it, shopping is loads of fun, but then I hate waste! I’d pick a vintage market over a shopping centre any day. We’re all encouraged to buy buy buy, but it’s important to know what impact we are having. I’ll be giving you all some smart consumer tips on buying ethical, what you can do to reduce your spend but not scrimp on quality. You know, all those things you should be thinking about when you go on those pay-day spree’s!


10 more facts about me

Chrissy at Blur

1) I am a *little* bit of an eco warrior.

2) I don’t eat meat (although can’t resist fish every now and again!)

3) I love London, it’s my city. (Check me out in Hyde Park seeing Blur in my pic!)

4) I made the choice to stop working full time for other people and am loving it.

5) I think it’s important to do things that scare you once in a while.

6) I took on an overgrown allotment, so I’m kind of a farmer now I suppose..

7) I believe natural remedies are almost always better.

8) I used to play bass in a rock band

9) I’m slightly obsessed with the French

10) I also never thought I’d be here writing a blog about all the stuff, but thanks to you all I am!



Come and check in for some tasty recipes, health food tips, fitness motivation, art ideas and ramblings about the world. See me progress from a patch of grass to full-blown organic allotment queen (alright, that’s an exaggeration, more like allotment newbie) and just some general words of encouragement for all those out there that want to make a difference!